About Me


About Me

I'm Leeanne Morris. I'm an Artist living in Mississauga, Canada. I love to paint, draw, sew, bullet journal and make books. I love trying out new and unique art supplies. My collection grows every day! I try and go to as many conventions as I can. I enjoy going on road trips and exploring the country in which I live.

About Emerald Bento Box

Emerald Bento Box started as a painting company. I had noticed there was something missing for the geeky parents, and so the Harry Potter paintings were born. I am an avid Harry Potter fan and paying homage to my favorite fandom was my best idea. The company started in 2010 as "Rectangles" to represent the shapes of the paintings. However, the brand has grown into stickers, buttons, enamel pins, prints, and even hand-made books. As I diversified, the company's name had to change. In a bento box, there are various different things to eat for lunch and to keep you excited every day there is a lot of variety. I chose Emerald Bento Box to reflect those ideals and aspirations.

About Persistence of Leeanne Blog

I had started a blog early in my art university days. I wanted it to be a place where I could share my art and commiserate about the struggles therein. It turned out to be very therapeutic for me - especially for my sanity. The blog became more of a place to show how I approach different projects/assignments and my process to get the work completed. I use it now as a way to look into the past and see how past Leeanne talked about struggles, complexities of school life, and the future.