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Happy New Year!

Everybody have a good Christmas? I know I did! I got so many supplies for Christmas it was awesome. I got stuff for art I wouldn't even buy for myself because they were too extravagant. But I'm glad I've got the chance to try it out. I got a brand new sketchbook and I can't wait to get drawing/painting/doodling. I go crazy for art supplies. I think most artists are like that, I swear it's not only me. Well so ends another year! Well almost any way. I wanted to end the year on a good note, and show a couple of my sketchbook doodles from last year, that I did around this time. And I'm also adding a Resolution List down at the bottom of this post. 

First one is of an Octopus floating in the air with a bunch of balloons. It doesn't get out of the water very much and it is very happy. Air travel is much cheaper this way. Both of these are 9in x 12in, from my sketchbook. The second one is a doodle as well, just me wanting to test out inks and how they work. 

The last picture is of my doodles and future product designs. I was wanting to make some little key-chains as well as some earrings but I'm not entirely sure I will do them. 

Resolution List

1. Work in different mediums when doing stuff in my sketchbook. 

I really want some variety in what I do in my sketchbook. I want to experiment with inks and pastels, so many possibilities.

2. Get some bookmarks done. 

I'm going to start selling them at Conventions, and then possibly sell them on the website if they do well enough.

3. Get some key-chains done.

4. Put more stuff on sale on the web-site

5. Attend more Conventions.

I think I did four Conventions this year, I really like them and I want to do more, but I have to sacrifice more time and find a way to balance everything including my homework. 

6. Go to Sweden!

Not really a resolution but I'm hoping!  

7. Make the blog posts more regular. 

I really want to do a post every second Wednesday or something to get me on a better schedule. 

8. Start an online comic. 

I've already written a story, (not completed yet) I would like to start drawing it!

I was wanting a rounder number, but I'll add more if I can think of anything else.

I hope everyone has a great time at New Years, where ever you might be! :D

Well, till next year! 

Flying Octopus

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