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I was able to attend an awesomely small convention this past Sunday called DTAC (December Toronto Anime Convention (I think)). I went with my friend Kayla, and we had fun despite the small sellers area that they had us all in. I think at times we needed traffic signals to usher people in and out of the dealer's room. Many of Kayla's things got pushed down, and dropped just because people wanted to get by. I think it would have be better if they had given us a better space. However other than that the atmosphere was great, the people were friendly except this one person which I'll talk about at the end of this post. For now here are some paintings that I did for one of my painting classes. And the season of Finals are upon us!! Oh yes this post contains some nudity. 

Self Portrait

So this one's a self portrait, and it's supposed to be more about just the play of... well I chalked it up to the play on society's need for perfection, and how there are many sides to a person. The outward is always checking if it's in good graces, the inner is confident, and the innermost is slightly afraid. I actually took this picture inside a dressing room to get this effect with the mirrors. The painting stands at 2 feet by 3 feet, and taking this on public transportation was a cinch compared to the next painting.

Model studies

This thing is simply massive, it's 5 feet by I think 3 1/2 feet and it's just irritating to transport more than 10 feet, and even then I'm pretty reluctant to. This painting is just for the study of the model and getting her in different poses. I like the fact that her body parts morph into other body parts and are intertwined. My favorite section has to be the leg in the middle of the picture, I've never really focused on feet before and I really enjoyed it. The model bothered me the whole time I was painting her. The reason? She kept moving, she wouldn't sit still at all. So in that respect it was a bit hard to do.  I think I might paint over this, I don't know just yet, but I'll decide its fate later. This is the next little project that I'm working on. It's probably going to be sold at Anime North in their Gallery Momiji. I think it's at about 5 inches by 10 inches. And once I finish my exams I'm going to be really lazy and I need some motivation, and this could pushing me to do something awesome. I'll post some before and after pics when it's done. 

The Emo Kid

Last but not least is this little fellow. As I said before the only thing that got me down at DTAC was this guy. He asked for himself to be turned into a Tangle, but never came by to pick it up. Oh well, his loss. I don't know what to do with him just yet, I might paint over it or sell him just like that, or even use him as an example of what I could do with Tangles. 

Oh well. Till next time!  (I might post something next week but if not... Merry Christmas!)

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